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Filed Name Field Data
Division, District & Thana Division: Rajshahi
District: Bogra
Thana: Nandigram
Name, Foundation Year
and Location of Market
Thazta Hat (1950)
Village: Thalta
P.O: Changir
Pouroshova / Thana / Union: Thaltamazgram
Market Type Primary/Retail
Total Market
Area (Decimal)
Grand Total: 100
Covered: 10
Open: 90
Covered: 0
Open: 0
Number of Stalls, Sheds & Shed Area (in sft) Shed no. 1
Shed area: 500
Stall no
Agri: 5
Non-agri: 1
Haat Days & Timing Sun, Tue
3 PM-7 PM
Infrastructural Facilities Available Tube Wells
Communication Linkage Semi Pucca Road
Number of Buyers & Sellers Buyers (500) & Sellers (600)
Major Marketing Items
(1 maund = 40 kgs)
Rice: 18 (Mds), Potato: 20 (Mds), Vegetables: 20 (Mds)
& daily necessities
Farmer's & Trader's Share of Produces Farmer: 100%
Trader: 0%
Lease value
Destination of Produces Surrounding Area
Vehicles Carrying Produces Truck: 04, Van: 12
Average Distance from District Headquarter (in KM)
Tel/Mob No. of Secretary/Chairman of Market Committee
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